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Photo Finish Racing is the most exciting and realistic horse race game of all time!

In an age of video games, software, apps, and simulations… we are thrilled to introduce to you an entertainment option for family and friends of all ages. You needn’t even be a fan of horse racing to experience the exhilarating environment provided by this truly unique and time tested parlor game! Enjoy a “craps table atmosphere”, jockeying for position, and that final push down the stretch!

Ride the rail and risk becoming boxed in… or swing outside to avoid potential traffic. Players have these and other decisions to make with every roll! Be the first to guide your horse around the track and across the finish line! Moving order and track position are key factors in this exciting parlor game!

We are certain that you’ll agree that Photo Finish Racing is the most exciting and realistic horse race game of all time! The game sets up quickly and easily on any flat surface making any location or facility the perfect environment for Photo Finish Racing… even outdoors!

Host your own “Derby Party” any time! Old time parlor fun is always SURE to be hit! Thanks to the durable playing surface, players and patrons needn’t worry about occasional spills as the surface and ALL the game’s components are completely water resistant!

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We’re so confident in the quality of this product, that we guarantee every component for a full year! PHOTO FINISH RACING IS NOT YET AVAILABLE IN STORES, you can only buy it online at this time, so act quick while supplies last!

∙ CRAZY FUN | Photo Finish Racing brings the excitement and laughter of the racetracks to your social gatherings.   PFR is the perfect compliment – and perfect centerpiece! – for your Derby Day Festivities.

∙ LIFE OF THE PARTY | Whether you are at the Travers, Preakness, Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, your backyard, your kitchen table, the beach or wherever, Photo Finish Racing will be the focal point of the party and it will surely draw the curiosity of fellow partiers

∙ PERFECT FOR GROUPS | This game will surely get the party started. With 8 unique horses, there’s room for everyone. Let the friendly chatter and cheering play out with Photo Finish Racing.

∙ SIDE STAKES | Take it to the next level and throw some side ‘bets’ on the horse of your choosing. A dollar here and a dollar there will definitely intensify the fun and camaraderie. Place your bets on “win, place or show” for added fun!

∙ HAND CRAFTED | **NEW, STRONGER IMPROVED HORSES** With colorfully painted horses, spill proof track board and high quality die and jockeys, Photo Finish Racing  is a premium board game to be played for years to come!

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Dimensions 32 × 3.5 × 3.5 in

8 reviews for Photo Finish Racing – Best Horse Racing Board Game

  1. Bob Reutter

    Love this game! Like real horse racing you can box in the opposition and leave them in the dust if they give you the chance. The photo finish aspect evens out the turn based play and keeps the game riveting till the end. The balance between turn based and real-time play is amazing and it keeps people on the edge until the final results are determined. This is one of my best game purchases ever!

  2. John A

    We received our PhotoFinish game just in time for our holiday parties. To say it was a hit would be an understatement! After we cleared the table of dinner, I brought out the game and proceeded to begin play. The instructions for play were clear and easy. We were playing in less than 10 minutes. To make things interesting, we charged a dollar a horse. For the shouting and excitement that came with each new role of the dice, you would have thought there were thousands on the line to win! We got so caught up in playing that the next thing we new, it was after midnight! The board/racetrack is very durable and the horses are nicely painted. We will certainly be holding lots of PhotoFinish parties this year. A great game for young and old!!!

  3. Arielle Mullaney

    Worth it! I bought this as a surprise birthday gift for my fiancé and wanted to surprise him for our housewarming party. He loves, and I mean loves, horse racing. So I thought this would be perfect. We brought it out for a party and everyone loved it! I still don’t know much about horse racing but after playing I love it and actually learned some in the process. Definitely worth the price…even though on the higher end :/

  4. Amazon Customer

    Love it! Perfect for parties and for those that have been to the tracks before. Love the ability of boxing horses in and placing bets. Definitely the life of the party!!!!!

  5. Lisa Nay

    We love playing this when we have company! Packaged very nicely too! Great at Super Bowl as well…

  6. John M Johnsey

    Stared playing this game today and couldnt stop. Family visiting for the Holidays and we played this for hours. Easy to learn and really exiting moving the horses around the track. It is a game of chance, rolling dice, but with some strategy involved as to when to head for the rail and even cut off horses coming up from behind. Highly recommended.

  7. Coach

    A huge hit as a family Christmas gift! Horse and jockey pieces are durable. Only thing is the sticker on the dice is orange and the horse & jockey are yellow but we made it work. Tons of fun!!

  8. Queen Hera

    I really like the look of this game. The rules are pretty straight forward and feel like a horse race. I wish there would be a bit more decision making, but for the type of family game and place this would hold for most people it works great

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